Local commission seeking the public’s input on how millions in grant money should be spent

Your input is needed to improve area infrastructure and economic development



VICTORIA, Texas – Millions of dollars in infrastructure and economic development money is coming to our area, and your input is needed to help determine how it should be spent.

Hannah Crone with the Golden Crescent Regional Planning Commission, says their office has a contract with the Texas General Land Commission to distribute 80-million dollars to all the cities and counties within their service area for improvements, like flood control, infrastructure improvements, and economic development.

“They originate with the department of housing and urban development, so they are actually federal funds. then they are passed through the Texas General Land Office, passed through us, and then on to cities and counties,” said Hannah Crone,

You can give your input at the next public meeting, which will take place on Monday November 21st, at 3 p.m. at the Golden Crescent Regional Planning Commission offices at 1908 Laurent, inside the 6th floor board room. The funds could be distributed early next year. For more information, visit the Golden Crescent Regional Planning Commission website here