Local church receives Pay It Forward donation

It’s a great Pay it Forward Thursday morning and we’re out here at Our Lady of Victory’s new church building-we can’t wait to see what’s happening over here and we also can’t wait to see who’s gonna stop and Pay it Forward with the 300 dollars.

My name is Curt Allison…and yours? Larissa Perez. Well Larissa, I’m so happy you stopped today, here’s the 300 dollars. Tell us what you’d like to do with the money. I’d like to give it to my church youth group. My church is Templo San Juan here in Victoria. Our youth have been working hard to go to a convention in Corpus Christi next week so they’ve been doing bake sales, and a lot of sales to generate money. So I know this will go a long way to help them because they also want to do community involvement so this is going to be a great help and they’re gonna be very blessed to have it.

We’re here with the Pastor of Templo San Juan, Pastor Roberto, and Larissa wanted to give the money to her youth group so Larissa, take it away. On behalf of Atzenhoffer Chevrolet and Newscenter 25, I would like to donate this 300 dollars to the Templo San Juan Youth Group.
That’s great! All right! Thanks a lot guys!

So tell us what will the church use the money for? We’re going to Corpus Christi in a week and they gonna spend a week or so for a convention. And then we gonna use that it’s real good for us you know.