Local business owner offers free help to those with plumbing issues after winter blast

Local business owner offers free help to people with plumbing issues after winter blast

VICTORIA, Texas – Last week’s winter storm forced many Texans to be without power and water.

Across the state, as power was restored, pipes became a much bigger concern.

Pipes were bursting.

According to experts, this happens when the water inside freezes and expands. Pipes don’t always burst once frozen, but rather thawing is the bigger issue.

In Victoria, residents were also dealing with water line leaks and breaks caused by the winter storm.

Community members have took it upon themselves to help one another out.

Neighbor helping neighbor in the Polar Plunge.

Roger Padron Jr. is one of the many helpful neighbors to do just that.

Padron currently owns Padron & Sons Remodeling in Victoria.

Born in Galveston, raised in Port Lavaca and now lives in Victoria, Padron wanted to provide a helping hand to the community.

Last week, Padron posted to social media offering his services for free to anyone who needs or can’t afford a plumber.

“In the last four days I have already helped 40 to 50 people with plumbing issues,” Padron said. “I was seeing everyone struggling online, everyone looking for plumbers and it’s a lot of the older generation and I went ahead … tried to help as many people as I could.”

Padron has mainly helped out the elderly in Victoria. He said he will keep on going until the job is done or if it’s just not doable.

“It breaks my heart, a lot of the older generation, they could barely afford anything, I am trying to help out and give back as much as I can,” Padron said. “It’s been a struggle to find supplies at the stores to help people out right now.”

Padron is limited in supplies, but is doing the best he can with what he has.

He has not asked to get paid for helping residents with plumbing issues, but is open to accept donations or materials to keep helping those that truly need it.

“I have came across busted pipes to clogged up valves — I have came across a little bit of everything,” Padron said.

Recently, Governor Greg Abbott waived certain regulations for registered and qualified Plumber’s Apprentices.

“These waivers will help meet the plumbing needs of Texans who have experienced burst pipes and other related damage from the severe winter weather,” said Governor Abbott in  Statement.

If you would like to reach out to Padron for help or wanting to help out, you can call him at 361-894-2419.