Local business gives veteran glasses

Gleen Dorries was a medic in the U.S. Army during the Vietnam war. Now, he is on a fixed income and unexpected expenses can take a toll on him. After failing the eye exam necessary to renew his driver’s license, he and his neighbor, Richard Gomez, went to get him a pair of glasses. That’s when they met Vickie, a manager at the Victoria Eyemart, who decided to give back to this local veteran in a big way.

“I explained to Vickie his condition, and how he’s on a fixed income, and how he just doesn’t have it. It was going to be one hundred and sixty dollars for the glasses, and he just doesn’t have it. And Vickie, she felt his pain, his sorrow. And she dug real deep, very emotional, and she said you know what, I’m going to help this Vietnam vet. She donated a pair of glasses to Gleen Dorries, free. And I want to commend Eyemart and Vickie.” Gomez says, emotionally.

“It means everything to me. And I appreciate everything they’ve done,” Dorries says, wearing his new pair of glasses.

Gomez hopes that this story will prompt other local businesses to support and give back to our local veterans.