Local Boy Scouts Council Wins Pay It Forward Award

Hi, I’m Kurt Allison with Atzenhoffer Chevrolet and we’re excited to present pay it forward today and thanks to your generous voting, Boy Scouts of America is going to be our recipient. So let’s go over right now and give that donation to one of their volunteers and one of their students. Well it’s Thursday, Victoria and we’re excited to be out here with Laurie and Mikey from the Lasalle Council of the Boy Scouts of America and we’re happy to present them this thousand dollar check. Here you go. So tell us a little bit about how the money can be used for scouting.

This money will be used towards sending our boys to camp. We offer scholarships for the children who may not have enough money to be able to go to camp and earn their rank and have a lot of fun while they’re doing it.

How’s it feel that this many votes went to scouting in the Victoria area?

I think it just shows how many people believe in the boy scout program and they see our boys out there volunteering and they want to send them to camp and help them out.

Pay It Forward, Victoria!