Local Boxers Keep Fighting Towards Regionals

Two local youth boxers are making the most of their summers as they prepare for Regionals in San Antonio. While many of their friends kick back and stay out of the heat, Joe and Julian Martinez of Victoria’s Tuff-E-Nuff Boxing Club are turning up the heat of their fitness and training regimen.

“Usually, kids my age they like going to hang out with friends, going out,” Joe said. “Me, I just stay here working out, just keeping with it.”

Joe is a 19 year old student at Victoria College and already a three-time regional champ. Despite his successes, he and his coach – who also happens to be his father – certainly aren’t taking anything for granted, and have no issue continuing to raise the bar.”

“I allow them to have fun but at the same time we’re gonna work out,” Jessie Martinez said. “There’s no days off, you know a lot of the kids that aren’t putting in that work when they go to a local event they don’t do as well.”

Joe and Julian both say they’ll continue fighting in area meets every weekend for the remainder of the summer as they gear up for September’s regional qualifying in San Antonio. With the added work, they hope a trip to Nationals could be within gloves’ reach.