Local architect Rawley McCoy joins Victoria mayoral race

Victoria architect Rawley McCoy is the latest to join the City of Victoria mayoral race.

McCoy, a life long Victorian and businessman, believes Victoria has fallen behind in recent years.

Citing failing infrastructure and declining business, McCoy decided to join the mayoral race to help bring Victoria back to prosperity.

McCoy says, while one man alone cannot fix Victoria, he believes he’s the man that can help bring the community together and moving forward.

“The job of the mayor is to engage the rest of council and create a team dedicated to coming up with new thoughs, new ideas and move the city forward. One man isn’t gonna make that happen. But, one man can set up the atmosphere to make that happen.”

McCoy joins businessman Brent Carter and former UHV president Dr. Vic Morgan to run for mayor of Victoria.

The election for mayor of Victoria takes place on May 4th.