Local animal shelter receives Pay It Forward donation

It’s pay it forward Thursday Victoria and I can guarantee you this…this 300 dollars aint gonna stay in my pocket much longer…we’ve got the Pay it Forward truck here, we’re on North Navarro and our street team with us. We have people driving past us and the first person that stops and comes up to us will have the opportunity to Pay it Forward, Victoria!!!

Good morning, I’m Tommy Taylor with Atzenhoffer Chevrolet…what’s your name? Keri Goehring…and what’s this young man’s name? Connor. Nice to meet you. It’s Pay it Forward Thursday and so what made you stop at the Pay it Forward truck? I saw y’all. I had to make a u-turn hoping that i’d get to give the money away. You’re the first one so thanks for stopping. Here’s the 300 dollars, and so who would you like to give the money to? Doctor Cochran at Acres of Animals in Mission Valley. She helps animals that don’t have homes. She keeps them at her facility out there and can really use the money for her critters.

Hi there, how are you? So you chose us? Yes!!! On behalf of Newscenter 25 and Atzenhoffer Chevrolet, I present to you 300 dollars to help your critters out there. Ok, and this will actually go to the snap-neuter-return program out there. That’s our non-profit out there, for the Victoria TNR.

That’s for people out there that are feeding cats that are not really their own cats and don’t want to get the kitties health care or vaccinnated. So we do low cost spay or neutering for the cats living on the street that maybe someone is looking out for them but don’t really own.