Local Amateur Boxer Tries To Make Mexican Olympic Team 11/14

Acosta Made Team USA Semifinals

A local amateur boxer almost made the U.S. Olympic team for next year.
Ramon Acosta Jr., fighting in the 152 pound Elite division, won his first four fights at the Last Chance Qualifyer for the U.S. Olympic boxing team. But the 18-year-old from Two Countries Boxing Club lost to the top-ranked boxer in the country in the semis by split decision. But, this does not end Ramon’s Olympic hopes for next year. Rarlier this week, Ramon and his parents went to the Mexican consulate in Houston. There, Ramon received Mexican citizenship. He can do that since his parents were born in Mexico and are on Green Card status here. Now, Ramon Acosta Jr. will compete for a spot on the Mexican Olympic boxing team. Ramon Jr. and his father, Ramon Acosta Sr., talked to me about this second Olympic chance.

Said Acosta Jr., “As soon as I lost we were already thinking about the Mexican team. We decided that we should try again with them. We’re not going to wait another four years for the Olympics.”

Said Ramon Acosta Sr., “I have faith in him that he will win. He’s been training very hard and he did very good fighting in Oxnard, California. The experience will help him a lot and he’s ready.”

Said Acosta Jr., “I’m very excited because it’s another country, it’s a different competition. I’ll be ready for it. “

Ramon Acosta Jr. starts competing at the Mexican Olympic Boxing Trials starting a week from Friday in Mazatlan.