Llama take a selfie! Special guests at the Victoria Public Library for ‘Play Time’ event

VICTORIA, Texas- The Victoria Public Library hosted a ‘Play Time Event’ with some unique guests- llamas!

A daily reading time and activity for children six and under is available at the library Monday through Saturday.

Thursday’s reading time included a show and tell. Children and parents lined up to snag a selfie and pet the llamas. 

“It gets [children] to interact with something, you know they may not be familiar with… basically they come in, they learn a little bit about llamas, they get to touch them, feed them, play with them, and if they get tired of that they get to go inside the library and do the llama craft,” explains Katie Talhelm with the Victoria Public Library.

Events like these are always free for the community, for a schedule check Victoria Public Library Facebook

For info on the cute spotted llamas, visit “Raisin’ Llamas” on Facebook.