Livestock Auctions provide alternative to grocery stores for meat


With grocery stores running out of meat and meat processors not being able to keep up, many people are looking for alternative ways to get their meat in the pandemic. Luckily, we’re in one of the best spots to get fresh beef from livestock auctions.

The Crossroads area has consistently been one of the highest producing areas for beef in the state of Texas for years. We have many local livestock auctions around the area, making grass-fed beef easy to access.

Buying from an auction is simple, however, it can seem more daunting.

“We recommend you talk to a buyer or have a buyer help you because it goes by very quickly and you want to know what you’re bidding on,” Nancy Cameron says.

Another thing that can seem overwhelming is the sheer amount of meat you will get, but you can split it up to make it easier to handle.

“You would need the storage space for the beef, but you could always buy a quarter beef or half beef. You could also have a group of people go in and buy and split the meat between them so that you wouldn’t need that much storage space,” Cameron says.

For more information, you can contact the Hallettsville Livestock Auction directly at or call them at (361) 798 – 4336