Little League Scoreboards In Need of Repair

“We started seeing scoreboards going out just portions of em and going out at a pace that was fairly quick,” VanGundy said.

The scoreboards at the Victoria Youth Complex were tested in February and everything was fine, but now there are at least 5 scoreboards that are not working properly.

“It’s not like want the scoreboards to be out and we just don’t care that they are out it just caught us by somewhat of a surprise,” VanGundy said.

I a compromise between the City of Victoria and the Little League, flip card score boards are now keeping track of the score, but concerned parents say that isn’t fixing the problem.

“I sat there yesterday trying to figure out what the score was because you can’t see it from the other side and I took a picture of it and I still couldn’t see it,” Trevino said.

With the budget for this year’s little league already decided the scoreboards will be fixed before next season. The repairs will cost around $10,000 to replace the led board panels.

“It’s unbelievable that they can’t come up with $9,500 whether it’s a hotel tax or sponsorship it amazes me that they want the kids to pay but they don’t want to back them up,” Trevino said.