Littering causing drainage issues in Cuero

If you are out and about driving around town and you throw a water bottle out the window, you can cause a blockage in the drains.

“Styrofoam cups, we see those a lot. we have a feed bag, some Styrofoam containers, plastic bags and our unusual item here today is a football helmet,” says Beth Parker, General Manager of DeWitt County Drainage District No,1.

Beth Parker with the DeWitt County Drainage District says items like the ones described above can cause blockages in the drains.
“They can cause flooding in an storm event that wouldn’t normally cause flooding and it also can cause a build up of stagnant water behind it which can be a breading ground for dangerous insects,” explains Parker.

The blockages can become a pretty costly thing.
“The damage or the cost to that homeowner or business owner might receive can be quite high. There is also a cost to your local government such as ourselves, because our crew can spend up to half their time just picking up litter. so that is a very large cost to the taxpayer,” adds Parker.

According to Dont Mess With Texas campaign, if every Texan picked up two pieces of trash each month all of our highways will be trash free within a year.
“If each person would be willing to go and clean up that then it will help a lot,” declares Parker.

While we were interviewing we found net laying on the ground and Parker told me this small item can cause a lot of headaches.
“What starts out on our streets ends up going into the storm sewer which ends up going into the rivers and then the ocean. It could also have a big affect on our drinking water because if there are toxic things end up affecting on our ground water,” exclaims Parker

Parker hopes spreading the message of the dangers of litter will cause everyone to help clean up our cities.