Lil Nas X is ready for the Area 51 raid

Looks like Lil Nas X is ready to answer the call to storm Area 51 with an Old Town Raid.

The star dropped the music video for his hit song’s latest remix, featuring Young Thug, Billy Ray Cyrus and Walmart yodeling kid Mason Ramsey, on Tuesday, and it was everything we were hoping for.

The theme was the Area 51 raid

The new “Old Town Road” animated video is a nod to a joke Facebook page that calls for a raid on Area 51 — the mysterious US Air Force base in Nevada that’s long been a source of alien conspiracy theories.

According to the Facebook event, the raid is scheduled for September.

More than a million people have signed up to attend and the plan has inspired thousands of memes on social media even though the creators have posted a disclaimer saying they do not “actually intend to go ahead with this plan.”

But if the raid were to happen, we’re sure it would look a lot like what Lil Nas X showed us.

There were aliens

In the video, there was a sleepy guard, a “BRUH MOMENT” button, lots of grilled cheese sandwiches and uniformed men pointing guns at the intruders.

And of course, there were weird-looking green creatures helping the four stars of the show gather fancy rides and treasures.

Keanu Reeves was in it

In the original raid Facebook page, the creators say: “If we Naruto run, we can move faster than their bullets.”

So Lil Nas X employed the best of the best to show us how it’s done, with an animated Keanu Reeves taking off toward armed guards in the anime character’s sprint.

The original “Old Town Road” remix featuring only Billy Ray Cyrus is the longest running Hot 100 hip-hop single of all time and the first song in history to sell 10 million copies while remaining No.1 on Billboard, according to X’s label.

That music video has been viewed more that 200 million times since its release in May.

CNN’s Lisa Respers France, Leah Asmelash and Saeed Ahmed contributed to this report.