Lightning Safety and Statistics: Who Dies and Why?

Lightning statistics are shockingly gender biased. That facts, based on NOAA statistics (Storm Data, 2006-2017) reveal that 80 percent of lightning fatalities in the U.S. are male. Moreover, most of those occur when being outdoors is a choice, not a mandate of work. We have learned, for example, that playing sports when being struck is a major issue; however, the number one activity prompting a lightning strike is fishing. Closely following on the list are such activities as soccer, golf, being on the beach, camping and boating. As one would expect, the principal time of year is June through August and mostly on the weekends when folks tend to recreate. The most glaring statistic: 94 percent of those struck and killed during sports activities are male. Therefore:

Be willing to cancel or postpone activities Be aware of approaching or developing storms Recognize your vulnerability Be able and willing to get to safety quickly