Lighted Christmas Parade showcases community pride, holiday spirit

During the five o’clock hour – Crossroads residents started to fill the streets in anticipation of the annual Lighted Christmas Parade.

Attendees came out for not only holiday cheer but also see the people they know.

“I’m hoping to see my friends from student council and cheer at school on a float that they made,” said Jozclyn Pizana.

There’s a girl we know that is dancing in the third booth and then there’s going to be two bands, I think, there’s one for Howell and one for Patti Welder,” Xavier Porras said.

“And I get to see my two brothers, my two sisters and my two nieces,” Princess Gomez said.

And for spectators – it is easy getting into the Christmas spirit with so much cheer in the air. I asked what Christmas means to them.

“Christmas means, it means all the family getting together and not just about the presents but to remember the day when Christ was born,” Xavier said.

“I think it means to share kindness around the world because some people may not be able to spend Christmas with their families,” Jozclyn said.

“It means a lot because I get to get presents and you get to celebrate Jesus’ birthday,” Princess said.

Dolores Robinson moved to Victoria several years ago and says she’s happy with the decision she made. Coming out to the parade was one way of showing thanks.

“Just to show spirit, in Victoria, that everybody in Victoria what we have here and it’s awesome – it’s an awesome place to live and I’m glad we moved here,” Robinson said.