Lemonade stand proceeds donated to local food pantry

Lemonade stand proceeds donated to local food pantry

CUERO, Texas – For many during this pandemic, it may feel like we’re living with scant resources but when life gives you lemons, it’s important to do what you can with what you have.

For two young entrepreneurs, that were visiting family in Cuero this week that meant not only juicing the lemon but using the fruits of their labor to help others in need.

“I didn’t know we were going to make that much lemonade but I’m super happy that we did,” Ryan Mary Webster, 7, said.

For four-year-old Declan Webster it is a gift to be able to give back.

“I really want to make people happy,” Declan said.

With several losing their ability to generate income due to the pandemic, the need for the Dewitt County’s Food Pantry CAMAL House has grown significantly said Freda Nelson, an organizer with the Cuero Area Ministerial Alliance House Food Pantry (CAMAL House of Cuero).

“We had 100 more people in April than we did in March so the need is great,” Nelson said.

The two Indiana residents raised $86 dollars and 96 cents, a donation that was matched by the Cuero Community Foundation. Spokeswoman Emily Weatherly says it was matched for a total of $173 dollars and 92 cents, which will go towards over 900 pounds of food for the local pantry.

“The Cuero Community Foundation was so pleased to launch a matching fund, this happened in late March and early April in order to respond to those struggling to put food on the table,” Weatherly said. “This fund is going to help the DeWitt County food pantries so it’ll stay in our area.”

For more information about how your donation could be matched to DeWitt County food pantries, visit www.CueroCommunityFoundation.com.