Learn Karate from Victoria’s ‘Mr. Miyagi’

Local Karate school offers free online classes during lockdown

VICTORIA, Texas- For the past thirty-six years, the American Karate Institute has opened its doors to all who wanted to learn karate. In the midst of the global COVID-19 pandemic, the institute suspended face to face instruction in the dojo. When their physical doors closed, virtual ones opened.

The American Karate Institute have taken classes online to provide virtual instruction for current and new students.

“We wanted to offer that to the community as our way of helping everyone get through this crisis, said Coach Evans, American Karate Institute.

Every day at 5pm children of all ages and levels can join the free Zoom Karate class. This is a great way for students to get their PE credits and learn a new skill while families are observing social distancing amid the COVID-19 pandemic.

“We’ve had several successful classes. The first one was chaotic but fun. The second we figured it out, how to organize it. And today we’re already old hat and it’s virtually like being in the dojo with everybody. You can see everybody on the screen. And we had a nice karate workout,” said Evans.

The students participate from their homes and they practice forms, focusing on repetition, stretching, and drills. “We do what we call our combinations, which are karate maneuvers that we need in order to pass to our next scope, color level,” Evans explained.

Most remarkably, the class is led by a 12- year- old second-degree black belt, Fabian Jimenez. Fabian has been practicing Karate for 8 years and became a black belt at ten years old.

Coach Evans shared that Fabian took first place at a huge tournament in Houston where he competed against adults.

“He competed against adults in forms, not in fighting, but in forms, you know, how precise the form is, how well you execute your moves. And he took first place,” shared Evans.

Fabian smiled saying, “I did compete with one black belt, about a degree higher than me, he was 17 years old. I did a traditional form called choong jang hyung, it is a fourth-degree black belt form. And I won with it.”

Mr. Miyagi, as his grandfather calls him wants to remind the community to “stay safe and physically active” during this time.

All levels are welcome, those who are black belts and those who have no belts at all.

When asked if he has any words of encouragement to share with the community Coach Evans said, “That if we continue to fight, we will eventually beat this COVID. We just need to continue, to continue.”

To join the Zoom class call the Karate school at 361-575-CHOP and then you’ll receive an email with the link to join the class. Visit their website here.

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