Lean on Me winner uses $500 prize award towards son’s new talker device

An 11-year-old child with autism needs a new talker device after his previous one was broken


VICTORIA, Texas – Every week, our viewers nominate an individual to receive a $500 prize provided by sponsors. It’s called Lean on Me.

Victoria resident, Megan Gomez, won the Lean on Me award back in April.

Megan has an 11-year-old child with autism, Kaisen Gomez,  who needs a talker device after his previous one was broken.

A new talker device would allow Kaisen to communicate effectively with his family.

The $500 award was put towards the talker device but Megan says they are still a long way from getting the new talker.

“I know I’m not the only mom out here dealing with this sort of thing, there are thousands of kids out there dealing with being nonverbal and moms having to figure out how to take care of it how to fix it how to figure out what they want without them being able to tell them it’s a huge issue and it can be very scary, ” says Gomez.

If you wish to help Kaisen get a new talker, visit Kaisen’s GoFundMe page here

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