Lawsuit filed against estate of Patrick Cullen for molestation of a minor

The suit claims Cullen sexually molested a minor and distributed sexually explicit photos of her

VICTORIA, Texas – A lawsuit has been filed against the estate of Patrick Cullen, a Victoria attorney who was found dead in his home in January of 2022. Authorities ruled his death as suspicious in nature. 

In the lawsuit, which you can view here, a Jane Doe is suing Jean Cullen, who the suit names as the independent executor of the estate of Patrick Cullen. The suit accuses Patrick Cullen of sexual molestation and assault against a minor and for distribution of sexually explicit photographs.

According to Doe’s attorney the incidents happened when Jane Doe was 16. She is now 18. The molestation would have taken place in 2020 at Cullen’s home in Victoria according to Doe’s attorney.

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Patrick Cullen, whose estate is being sued by a Jane Doe, accusing Cullen of molesting her as a minor.

Stephen Carrigan is the attorney representing Jane Doe. He said his client has suffered severe damage from being molested as a minor. The investigation continues not only by the law firm but by law enforcement agencies in Victoria. In the suit Doe is seeking an amount of $250,000 to $1,000,000 but Carrigan says that amount can change.

“She (Doe) was brought into Mr. Cullen’s web of perversion as I will call it. We believe he used his influence, his power, his position in the community, and particularly alarming his position as a lawyer, and using in fact the Victoria County Judicial system to lure young people,” said Carrigan.

Carrigan believes there may be more victims and that Cullen would exploit young people who were involved in the legal system and take advantage of them. He said the explicit photographs of the victim were uploaded online and he believes law enforcement has that as evidence in the case. Carrigan said this case will take months if not longer as it develops.

Carrigan believes this case has the potential to lead to more victims coming forward.

We contacted the offices of Jean Cullen and the person who answered said they did not have a comment at this time.