Lawsuit against Formosa Plastics, plastic pellets to blame

A small group of people, hoping to bring some attention to the bodies of water in the area, have collected samples for more than 3 years. Newscenter 25’s Griselda Perez spoke to members of the group, about their findings and has our story.

Formosa Plastics has been established in Point Comfort for more than 3 decades now. Local activists are planning a lawsuit for what they claim are environmental dangers.

“Anytime you want to come down here there is powder, there are pellets and it’s not just Cox Creek,” says Diane Wilson, director of the San Antonio Bay Waterkeepers, who visits water areas in Point Comfort, to pick up pellets, small lentil size plastic. She claims this is a result of mega company Formosa Plastics dumping irresponsibly, and says nothing seems to change.

“If you have that many examples and evidence and violations of the clean water act, and agencies are not doing anything, then as a citizen you can file suit,” she adds.

According to the lawsuit filed in July 2017,

“Waterkeepers seek injunctive and declaratory relief under the clean water act…. requiring Formosa to remediate and mitigate the harm caused by the illegally discharged plastic.”

The lawsuit states in detail their findings, including more than 2,000 samples in a 20 mile stretch from Six Mile to Port O’Connor.

Formosa Plastics, a national company with headquarters in New Jersey, is one of the 16 production units in Point Comfort, and one of the largest employers. This area however, is not new to complaints of health hazards.

“There is so much about this that we’re just finding out. but we do know there is so much concern to be worried.” says Wilson

After contacting Formosa Plastics about this lawsuit. The company said in a phone call to Newscenter 25…

“Due to the nature of a lawsuit, we are unable to provide a comment at this time..”

Diane along with a group of supporters will head to court in Victoria County come March 2019.