Law enforcement and community members cut their hair to support childhood cancer

The St. Baldrick’s Foundation supports childhood cancer research. One in every 5 children won’t survive this deadly disease.

Mark Banda is the event coordinator he said, “Today we have about 30 men and women shaving their heads in honor of childhood cancer research just to show the kids were here to support them in their battle that they are going through”.

The Victoria County Sheriffs and Victoria Police Department came to support childhood cancer. They cut off their hair to show the children that it’s okay. Kaitlyn Jankovsy a cancer survivor, was 13 when she was diagnosed, she explained what she went through when she lost her hair.

“I lost my hair twice the first time it was just the hair on my head and then the second time I lost my eyebrows and eyelashes. It was hard at first I would look at myself in the mirror or anything like that but then once I got used to it I was like hey I’m pretty cute with no hair,” said Jankovsy.

Meanwhile, Dakota Sendejo was only 2 years old when his family found out he was diagnosed with leukemia. The doctors told his mother that he wouldn’t make it, but things changed.

“I got approached by one of the Doctor there, and he was like Mrs. Sendejo whoever y’all are praying to continue because this child is a miracle to be alive today,” said Victoria Vegas Sendejo, the mother of Dakota Sendejo a cancer survivor.

Mrs. Sendejo would like to give some encouraging words to those parents who are helping their child fight cancer.

“Like I said my son is a living testimony that you can beat this and there is a God out there and you just got to pray and call upon him he does to miraculous,” said Sendejo.

All donations raised through the St. Baldricks Foundation will help develop childhood cancer treatments.