Law enforcement agencies execute search warrant at Sage Creek

A Texas DPS swat team executed a federal search warrant for a resident at the Sage Creek apartments early Wednesday morning.

The search warrant was executed as part of a joint operation between DPS, Victoria PD and the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives. Law enforcement agents were seen wearing military grade equipment to execute the search warrant. We spoke to a resident who says this type of police activity is not seen at sage creek apartments.

“Umm, no it’s not, it’s not something you see everyday,” explained resident Marron Gonzalez. “No, that doesn’t happen. We haven’t seen this, it’s the first time. Umm, we just were calm in the house and just waiting to see what was gonna happen next. “

At the request of the Department of Justice, no further information has been provided at this time.

We will update this story when more information is made available.