Lauren Johnson spring tournament individual and team results

Crossroads final results from the golf tournament

The 2022 Lauren Johnson spring tournament wrapped up Saturday at the Club in Colony Creek.

13teams competed, including Crossroads teams Victoria East, West, Saint Joseph and Port Lavaca Calhoun.

For the boys individual round, Josiah Campos from Calhoun finished seventh. Victoria West’s Wade Patek tied at 17 and East’s Connor Brown came in at 20th.                                                              For the boys team, Calhoun finished in 5th followed by Victoria West who came in at 6th.

For the girls individual round, St. Joseph’s Haper Edwards came in third and Easts Emma Koch finished 4th.                                                                                                                                                        For the girls team, Victoria East gold tied at 5th West red came in at eight and East red took 11th.