Last-minute Valentine’s Day savings tips

Valentine’s Day is upon us and if you either completely forgot or haven’t gotten your sweetheart a gift yet, there’s still time to get something great that won’t break the bank.

1. Plan for a weekend dinner

Not only will a weeknight dinner inconvenience most more than that of a weekend dinner but also, you’ll be able to avoid the prix fixed menus that restaurants require you splurge on. Diners can also avoid large crowds by skipping going out on February 14 and opting to stay home for something just as romantic.

2. Opt to stay home

If you’re not a fan of going out at all, a romantic dinner in can be just as romantic, if not more than dining than in the masses. Light some candles, cook a favorite meal or order in making it completely stress free.

3. Avoid Roses

It’s a little late to be hopping in the flower game, as most of the good deals and bouquets will be snatched up. However, check out your local flower and grocery stores for flowers other than roses and you can save on this marked up Valentine’s Day tradition. Choose your partner’s favorite flower or opt for something else that catches your eye.

4. Save on Jewelry

Today is actually a great day to find last minute Valentine’s Day deals on jewelry. Retailers will be lowering prices in anticipation of clearing the shelves for the next big holiday. Look for heart shaped jewelry in boxed sets at department stores and save as much as 40% off those and other V-Day related items.

5. Stick to What You Know

Not every Valentine’s Day gift has to be red and heart shaped. If you’re looking for something romantic, look for gifts that commemorate your relationship or gifts that connect with your partner’s hobbies and interests. A simple picture frame with a favorite photo is a great gift that can come at low costs.