LaRouche Foundation Strives for Improved Energy Reliability in Texas

The winter weather back in February brought the light shortcomings in the state of Texas' energy system.

Representatives from the nationwide organization LaRouche were in Victoria Tuesday, to educate about a possible solution to future energy problems like we just experienced.

They set up on a long stretch of north Navarro street Tuesday afternoon in order to educate the public on the purposes of the LaRouche foundation and the benefits of having other power alternatives that may not necessarily be green, in order to keep the power and economy running.

Ron Vettege, from the LaRouche foundation explains why he feels the solution is necessary.

“When you have various Energy sources like wind and solar, that our so-called renewable but they’re not… They have to be back up there not reliant. So with this particular state in the situation what happened was they got caught in the freezer they froze up. So there was no funding in there to insulate them or whatever. You cannot move the United States or the world forward by going back to 13th or 14th century technology. We have got to move forward,” said Vettege.

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