Large mail theft reported in Victoria and surrounding areas

It's possible three people were involved

VICTORIA, Texas – The Post Office Inspector General is investigating a large mail theft over night in the Crossroads. Three people in a dark charger may be responsible.

The suspects fished mail out of the blue mail boxes. They hit downtown Victoria, a box on N. Navarro near the Walmart and boxes in Thomaston, Cuero, Hallettsville and Yoakum.

If you placed mail in any of these boxes you may want to confirm the sender received the mail.

Mail theft is a state and federal crime punishable by fines, jail, and prison time.

A U.S. Postal Inspector spokesperson released the following information:

“While the U.S. Mail remains one of the most secure means of transmitting information and goods, it also contains items that are attractive to thieves.  The protection of the mail is one of the primary focuses of the U.S. Postal Inspection Service (USPIS) and we take every allegation of mail theft seriously.

The USPIS is now aware of the reports of mail theft from collection boxes in the Victoria area and is actively investigating the matter.   Inspectors are looking into the locations affected.

While mail theft can occur, there are steps postal customers can take to increase the security of their outgoing mail.  Customers can place their outgoing mail into the mail slot inside the lobby of their local post office.  They can also place it into an official blue USPS collection box BEFORE the last collection time, which is displayed on the box. The longer your mail stays in any mailbox, the more susceptible it is to theft.

Postal Inspectors rely on the reports by customers to identify any items taken from the mail.  If you have recently placed outgoing mail into a blue USPS collection box in the Victoria area, Inspectors recommend confirming the outgoing mail reached its final destination.  If you believe you may be a victim of mail theft, you should report it to your local police AND to the Postal Inspection Service by calling our hotline, 877-876-2455, or visiting our website,

If you are a witness to mail theft or have knowledge of mail theft related activity, Postal Inspectors ask that you provide your tips by calling our hotline or visiting our website.”

Contact USPS here.