Kim Kardashian West roasted over ‘Bird Box’

Apparently, Kim Kardashian West was blind to all the hoopla over “Bird Box.”

On New Year’s Day, the reality star and mogul posted about watching the hit Netflix movie that began streaming worldwide on December 21.

“Watching BirdBox. I really like it. Who has seen it?”

Her friend and fellow celeb, Chrissy Teigen, spoke for all of us with her tweeted response.

“Kimberly like everyone in the entire world,” Teigen tweeted.

So, like braids and lace front wigs, perhaps it’s not a “thing” until a Kardashian does it?

Netflix revealed last week that more than 45 million accounts streamed the psychological horror film starring Sandra Bullock in its first week of release, and the success has spurred some epic memes.

Twitter did some head-scratching over how Kardashian West missed this.

And in a meta moment, of course, the meme machine used some “Bird Box” memes to comment on Kardashian West seemingly not being aware of this moment in pop culture history.