Kevin’s Closet Will Keep Young Boy’s Memory Alive

“Everything that I’m doing I’m doing for Kevin,” Moya said.

It has been months since Kevin Garza has passed, but his mother Darlene Moya thinks of him every day. She has re-opened her store, Crossroads Closet, that was closed for a year and it has brought back even more memories of her son.

“He was always here helping me I have pictures of him cleaning the windows walking around and playing,” Moya said.

Kevin had many goals like ending hunger and being a police officer, because he wanted to help the community. Darlene says he saw the store as a way of doing that.

“He was constantly telling me mom you need to re-open it it did a lot for the community,” Moya said.

You can donate items to the store and buy things for as low as fifty cents, but the next time you go into the store it will have a new name.

“This time I will name it Kevins Closet in memory of him,” Moya said.