Kevin Garza’s family seeks justice in hit-and-run case

Today marks the 5 year anniversary of Kevin's death and his family was out today to remind the public they still seek justice for Kevin

VICTORIA, Texas – Today marks the five-year anniversary of Kevin Garza’s death, when on September 27, 2016, Kevin was struck by a car while he was walking to school in Bloomington. No arrests have been made, but Kevins’ family isn’t giving up on seeking justice in his case. Kevin’s mother Darlene Moya and his grandmother Angie Orta are doing whatever they can to try and bring justice to Kevin’s case.

With today marking the five-year anniversary of Kevin’s death, Darlene and Angie were at the intersection of Sam Houston and Ben Jordan to remind people that Kevin’s killer is still at large as well as selling ‘Justice for Kevin’ t-shirts and stickers.

“There’s no justice right now, the person who hit him is still out there,” says Kevin’s mom Darlene.

Darlene says that some people were unaware that Kevin’s case was still open with no arrests and that some thought the driver had been caught, but that’s not the case. She’s hoping this will be a reminder to the public that justice for Kevin is still being sought after.

“Hopefully someone that maybe knows who did it, or maybe they heard something, anything, that you know they’ll see it. Like I said maybe they know who did it and maybe they’ll just do the right thing and call the authorities,” says Darlene.

Kevin’s grandmother, Angie Orta raising awareness for her grandson’s case

At the time of Kevin’s death, he was walking to school in Bloomington along SH-185, since then there have been lights installed along the roadway and now all Bloomington students can ride the bus regardless of their proximity to school, in hopes to prevent future accidents.

Kevin’s family has a Facebook page called ‘Justice for Kevin James Garza’, where they post updates on Kevin’s case as well as a space to share memories and stories about Kevin. You can find that page here. The page also is where those who want to raise awareness can get ‘Justice for Kevin’ t-shirts and stickers.

Darlene says that her son loved the movie ‘Home Alone’ because he and the main character share the same name, as well as ‘The Minions’, with one of them also being named Kevin. Darlene carries a small plush Minion named Kevin everywhere she goes.

If you have any information on Kevin Garza’s case call Victoria Crime Stoppers at 361-572-4200.

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