Kenneth W. Hilscher remains a missing person after more that 25 years

"Kenny" Hilscher was last seen April 8, 1995, the beloved Bloomington high school coach is not forgotten

VICTORIA, Texas — The overwhelming number of questions left unanswered in the case of Kenneth Hilscher still troubles many in the Bloomington community.

Twenty-five years later, we caught up with some of Hilscher’s former students in hopes of shining some light on his disappearance. 

In the small town of Bloomington, a community of 2500 people known mostly for its passing trains, the mysterious disappearance on April 8, 1995 left the community distraught.

“He had the most sparkling blue eyes, blonde hair, dressed to the nines, he was so stylish, had a smile and a laugh, he just- I   mean, people say the person lights up the room, like literally he lit up the room,” says Kimberly McGill, a former student, remembering Hilscher.

McGill adds that the news spread quickly, even without social media.

She says, “[I remember hearing] Coach Hilscher is missing! Coach Hilscher is missing! You know, he wasn’t a thug, it was just so out of his character.” 

Two days after he was last seen, his father reported him missing on April 10, 1995. Later that same day, a white t-shirt that was identified as his shirt was found on Old Bloomington Road, with blood stains. At the time, authorities were certain it was Hilscher’s blood.

“We gathered at the high school, and I helped with the search, and we looked for him, went down the roads. I mean, nobody knew what they were doing, but everybody wanted to help,” says McGill. 

Newscenter 25 reached out to the Texas Department of Public Safety, the lead investigating agency. Texas DPS still has his missing person’s file online, updated last in 2002. Unfortunately we received no response. 

Various students of his still share his image through social media. His family however, did not respond to a request to interview. Hilscher is still very much a part of the Bloomington community, his disappearance still unsolved. 

“It’s a case that will not be forgotten, he impacted the lives of so many people and so many students around him,” says McGill. 

Although authorities are suspicious of foul play in Hilscher’s case,  he is still considered  an endangered missing person.

If you have any information, call Texas DPS at 512-424- 5074