Kenneth Sexton reacts to winning race

Sexton said Ives congratulated him on election night

Kenneth Sexton Precinct 4 Race

VICTORIA, Texas – Commissioner Clint Ives is still serving precinct 2 until Kenneth Sexton gets officially sworn into the role. Sexton said on election night he had a watch party in his home and was happy about the results. Sexton said Ives congratulated him on election night and they had a good conversation.

“I’ve already had one with him. He called me the night of the election when it was over and conceited and wished me the best. He congratulated me, he was 100 percent a gentlemen about it and he offered to get together and he wanted to help kind of walk me through things. So, I didn’t go in cold feet like he did,” said Sexton.

Both Ives and Sexton plan to meet, so he is more prepared to commission the precinct. After winning this race, Sexton wanted to thank all of his supporters.

“Yes, I appreciate everybody that supported me. Everybody that voted for me and once again I commend Commissioner Ives on his service for the county,” he said. “And I thank everyone.”