Kenedy Mayor responds to Klu Klux Klan photo in the City Hall

We reported on the photo with Klu Klux Klan members that’s on the wall inside of the city hall building in Kenedy Texas on Thursday.

The local community has engaged in a heated conversation on our Facebook page with some people supporting the KKK photo in City Hall and others demanding it be taken down. Here’s what some people are saying.

Kourtney Lehnert said, “it’s called history, something we can’t change.”

Gladys Spoerle said, “leave it alone it’s been there all this time. Some people.”

Walker J’Marka commented saying “might as well hang pictures of all the other gangs and hate groups too. History…”

June Secrist said, “It looks like KKK and various Masons should be preserved in a library or archive but not in a City Hall. Take it down.”

I also spoke with the Kendey Mayor, James Sutton, to see if the picture will be taken down. Here’s his full response.

“This is what I’m dealing with since my election in May of 2018. My understanding is the picture referenced has been at City Hall for many years. No one analyzed the picture, no one did any research on the picture prior to your release.

Like many other items of discussion around here, a conclusion was drawn without due diligence in an attempt to create chaos in our community. Since your release, it’s been discussed this picture contains members of a Masonic Lodge.

Residents of Kenedy are identifying exactly what is in this picture and what is not. I’ve lived in Kenedy for over 44 years. Many, many people here know me, they know what I’m about and what I’m not. To date, not one person has contacted me with a single concern of this picture or any type of racism within City Hall nor our community.

I’ll have you know Kenedy has in fact suffered from major diversities, ticket-fixing in our Courts, unauthorized expenditures, nepotism, official oppression, official misconduct, poor quality water supply, neglected infrastructure and horrible findings in audits racism is not one.

The person who signs her name representing a united race and several others not living in Kenedy is a cause of undue stress to our community. Due diligence! Research then report.

James D. Sutton
Of, By and For The People!

Mayor Sutton didn’t respond to the question about whether the photo will be removed or remain hanging in city hall.