Keeping your plants safe in cold weather

People are not the only ones who need protection when cold spells can often damage vegetation, crops and landscapes

When the water inside plant cells freeze, vegetation is damaged.

In Texas alone, the drastic changes in weather have completely wiped out large fields of crops, killed valuable landscape plants, and damaged tropical plants not accustomed to cold.

Laurie Garretson with earthworks shares her advice on how to keep plants safe.

“The plants in containers will have to be brought in or put in a shed or garage or someplace to keep them warmer, things that are in the ground, again they’re watered well so you can cover them with sheets or frost fabric, boxes, and things like that,” said Garrettson.

Knowing when a freeze is on its way can also help, and accurate recording thermometers can help growers know when they
need to start and stop taking protective measures.