Keep your Vehicle Ready for the Cold Weather

Winter is still over a month away, but the crossroads begins to see cold weather. Newscenter 25’s Griselda Perez spoke to car experts about how to keep your 4 wheels in tip top shape for the chilly days to come.

“Anytime that little light comes on is a little symbol on there, that means your tire pressure has changed, typically more than three pounds in air pressure.” says Jeremy Vaughn of Discount Tires.

With cold temperatures, the air molecules within the tires shrink, meaning waking up to a flat, one of the most common mishaps of the season, but yet the most important to take care of.

“So it gives you overall peace of mind it keeps you safe because the more thread depths you have on your tire the better they are going to perform especially in season weather.” adds Jeremy.

Businesses like Discount Tires sees up to 300 people, daily, getting air pressure checks through the colder months. A habit that’s good to keep and stay safe- but tires aren’t all that make a vehicle run.

“Let the car warm up, a little more than usual. The engine need to have an operating temperature with oil lubrication, if you go off a bit too soon you could damage the internal parts of the motor.” says mechanic Vaughn Edwards.

A mistake that can be good for mechanics but heavy for the person in the driver’s seat pocket, as it could cost you well over a grand.

“Its very expensive, you want to make sure you always take care what’s under the hood, have somebody check it.” adds Edwards.

Both experts recommend to stay vigilant of any warning signs your vehicle alerts you of, and make a routine of checking around your vehicle before jumping in.