Kayak Classes in Victoria Next Month

There will be two kayak classes on July 8th and August 26th and registration is still ongoing right now until next Friday. “The clinic will start at Sun Valley Ranch where there will be class instruction and then the participants to have the opportunity to get in the water in a pool setting,” said Prasifka.

The class will cost you $15 dollars but if you have a kayak then it will cost you $10.

Gerry’s Kayak will be on hand on to help teach the class and Gerry Wyant told me he is comfortable when a first time kayaker can do this. “I make sure they can go up the river paddling and turn around,” said Wyant.

Water depth is important when comes to paddling the Guadalupe safely. “Whenever it runs about 6 foot to 8 foot it is ideal conditions,” said Wyant.

When the river is below 5 feet, it can become a little tricky to navigate as you may scrape the bottom and to ensure the best kayak experience,
“Stay in the middle of the river and you absolutely have no problems,” said Wyant.