KAVU Pet of the Week

This week, we had several KAVU Pets of the Week from Victoria Trap Neuter and Return.

Here are our cats of the week: Gemma. She is 4-5 months old, long hair Siamese mix. Very sweet and loving girl.

Frankie, is a male long hair Siamese mix, 4-5 months old.

Dinah is a grey Tabby, about 5 weeks old. She is currently in foster care and will be looking for her new home in about two months.

It’s kitten season, the time of the year when cats give birth, flooding animal shelters and rescue groups across the nation with homeless litters. Kitten season. Easily lasts 6-to-8 months, starting in spring, peaking in late spring, or early summer and ending in the fall.

Kitten season occurs due to the many cats who are not spayed or neutered and too many kittens are born.

The easiest way to help reduce the overwhelming numbers of unwanted cats, according to the Humane Society of the United States, is to spay and neuter your own cat and encourage others to do the same.

“At the Victoria Trap Neuter and Return we are seeing more kittens on social media, at animal control and we are receiving mores calls,” said Brandi Mankoski with Victoria TNR. “There are not nearly enough homes for them all, hence the reason we have our program.”

And the Victoria TNR is hosting it’s Annual Spay-Ghetti Dinner to help raise funds to help continuing offering its services of much needed spays and neuters for feral and free roaming cats. The dinner is Monday, March 6, 2017 at 6 p.m. at The Sendera restaurant in downtown Victoria. Organizers say there will also be a silent auction and raffle. Tickets are $50 and there is limited seating.

For more information on these pets and the Spay-Ghetti dinner, contact Victoria TNR at 361-433-4029 or email at victoriatxtnr@gmail.com. Or you can visit their Facebook page here.