KAVU celebrates 38 years of serving the Crossroads community

VICTORIA, Texas- KAVU started on-air in the Crossroads back in 1982. At that time it was only an NBC affiliate, now the station has grown.

“We’ve got 16 stations, as compared to one it was a lot easier with the programming and the network didn’t change the program as much,” said Tim Strawbridge, KAVU Media & Marketing Specialist.

Tim Strawbridge started working at KAVU when the station first opened its doors along with the original owners, the Constants. Dr. Constant expressed what she loved about opening a news station.

“The people, the excitement, the learning something new, giving back a good station to the community and it was. I mean it was first class if you had put it up against some of the Houston stations,” Dr. Ruth Constant, former KAVU owner.

KAVU was honored on the 35th anniversary in Austin at the Texas State Capitol for serving the community. Dr. Constant shared several pictures of a few prominent people she met over the years and she left a message for KAVU.

“Happy birthday KAVU, I love you so much. I’ll never forget those are memories I’ll take with me to heaven,” said Dr. Constant.

KAVU celebrates 38 years of shining the light on local stories that serve the Crossroads community.