KAVU Anchor invited as a panelist to discuss empowerment of Latinas in media

KAVU Anchor invited to panel for empowerment of Latinas in media

VICTORIA, Texas – KAVU Anchor and Reporter Ozzy Mora was invited by a nonprofit in California to be one of their five panelists to openly discuss the challenges, successes and the need for representation of Latinas in media.

On Thursday, March 4, more than 100 women gathered virtually to hear from five panelists and engage. The panelist included women who work and worked for Univision, radio talent from San Jose, and entrepreneurs.

The Latina Coalition of Silicon Valley (LCSV) develops and strengthens the power of Latinas to advance their collective success through sisterhood, leadership, and civic engagement.

The nonprofit has been around for about 15 years with very specified goals:

  1. Sisterhood. Create intentional opportunities for women to meet and build supportive relationships.
  2. Leadership. Develop a pipeline and support our members to lead by fostering individual skillsets and potential.
  3. Civic Engagement. Educate and mobilize our community to advocate and actively engage on issues impacting Latina/os.

“This is my fourth real big speaking engagement. Being able to speak, share, chosen and be in the presence of such other talented women, was an honor and I was the one that left way more inspired — I live my life by three practices; acceptance, forgiveness and love. I consider myself a very deep soul and really tuned into my spiritual self, sometimes that can be a hard balance as a journalist. I’ve learned through practice and failure to be able to separate the two, but still have the ability to show my family (viewers) that I truly care and will do my very best to express that through my storytelling. After being away from the news industry for  two years, and now being back, it was and has been very hard work to get back in the groove of things, but I always focus on my energy and the force I provide when I am in front of the camera. I take pride in being Latina in the media industry. I can sit here and talk all day the countless of obstacles I have faced because I am Latina, but I choose not to. I choose to live my life by turning my negative experiences into something that I truly embraced and put my foot forward. No matter where you come from, there will always be some sort of struggle. Period. I don’t ever resist an experience, I actually seek it. Life, will always pull you back where you belong, even if you think it’s 100 steps backwards, there always something ahead for you.” 

The coalition offers events throughout the year where women can attend.

To find out more about the Latina Coalition, please click here.

Thank you Ozzy Mora for being one of our panelists last night! Hearing your spiritual perspective and experiences has inspired so many.
Ozzy Mora is currently a bilingual Anchor/ Reporter and Producer for KAVU-TV in Texas.
Azalea “Ozzy” Mora, originally from Los Angeles, California, landed a job straight out of college at KPNX-TV in Phoenix. After having previous experience working at ABC7 and Sirius XM Satellite Radio in Los Angeles, she was ready to follow her dreams of telling stories with purpose. KPNX-TV gave her the chance to begin her career in journalism as a social media producer and then progressively, a social media in-studio anchor.
Other than telling just stories, Ozzy has a passion for telling stories specifically of people making a difference, organizations coming together to help others, and assisting to provide resources for people in need.

Ozzy was one of the first to tell stories in the Spanish language at


as a digital journalist. Then, she started a blog called “Go Ask Ozzy” about the importance of community and transitioned to being on-air talent

Through her stories, she has helped children become entrepreneurs through lemonade stands to help organizations raise enough funds to build shower trailers for the homeless. She has been recognized by nonprofits and organizations for her strides in helping the community. Azalea also has modeled for music videos, Aston Martin, and has been on a cover of a local magazine in Arizona called

Que Magazine “La Original”