Kate Beckinsale is clapping back over Pete Davidson

Kate Beckinsale hasn’t confirmed she’s dating Pete Davidson, but you better respect the fact that she might be.

People have been speculating that the pair are a couple ever since last month, when they were spotted together at a Golden Globes afterparty.

Neither has gone public to confirm it, but that hasn’t stopped people from deciding it’s true.

Beckinsale seems determined not to let people talk smack about it, regardless.

The Instagram account CommentsByCelebs has been keeping track of some of her clap backs.

After the “Pearl Harbor” actress posted a photo of a woman resembling her with an owl on her shoulder, a follower commented “Dear heavens, Kate. Not Pete Davidson.”

“No that’s my mother,” Beckinsale responded. “Easy mistake.”

When someone else commented on another photo, writing “Disappointed in your dating choices,” she shot back with “Fairly let down by your wonky beard but thought rude to say,”

At least one person seems supportive of a possible relationship between Beckinsale and the “Saturday Night Live” star.

When asked by TMZ what she thought about the possibility that they were a couple Davidson’s former fiancée, singer Ariana Grande, said “So cute!”