Karya Kares brings free swimming classes to children across the State of Texas

Here is what you need to know for your child to receive these services

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HOUSTON, Texas – Karya Property Management’s Karya Kares organization, with its main headquarters located in Houston, acts as a non-profit institution created to provide charity opportunities and services to both the Houston area and globally.

From the beginning, Karya Kares has supported and educated millions of families on what they need to know about moving forward in the face of financial hardship. Karya Kares presents a wide range of diverse activities, programs and support services for those dependent on financial relief, including a free swimming classes program.

The organization focuses on educating the community about proper water sa


fety and provides free water safety training and swimming lessons for resident children between the ages three and 12. With summer days approaching, Karya Kares is focusing on this project and has previously worked with the Bridging Gaps, looking for ways to reduce the risk of child-related drownings across Texas. The program was performed at 12 properties around the Houston area. Overall, these courses have taught over 100 children on the basics of navigating water and using drowning prevention methods to ensure their safety while swimming. The organization anticipates preventing child drownings from occurring with these increased educational services, making a more productive, safety-conscientious environment for children across the region.





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CEOs Swapnil Agarwal and Vivek Shah founded the Karya Kares Foundation, with a heavy focus on providing a healthy sense of financial relief to those who are disadvantaged. The organization collaborates with members of the Houston community and beyond to produce a better and more compassionate world. Karya Property Management, its parent company, operates 20,000 multifamily apartments across the U.S., with a steady growth rate in total properties over the years. Karya Kares acts a KPM’s primary means of contacting those in need.


Karya Kares maintains new educational advantages for families across the world and aim to increase social awareness towards proper swimming safety procedures. Additionally, the 501(c)(3) registered organization hopes to break new ground in its financial assistance programs. It envisions 2021 and the years to come as productive opportunities to make a difference in the lives of millions.

For more information about Karya Kares, email info@karyakares.com

Shown in the pictures are several students who participated in the free swimming classes.