Kamin Furniture needs your help Crossroads

Kamin Furniture’s annual Christmas giveaway to a Veteran family in need is coming up, and they are seeking the Crossroads help in finding that family. There are a couple of ways you can nominate a family to be honored this month.

Bentley Kamin tells us, “You could nominate by going to our website. You can mail a letter to our store. All the information will be on our website. You can go to Facebook. So there’s several different ways of getting us the information that we need, but please remember, you cannot nominate yourself. You are going to have to nominate someone else deserving.”

Buddy Kamin tells us that this program has been important to his family since he first started it 35 years ago. It started with a simple question from his wife, “What do you want for Christmas?” Mr. Kamin told her that he already had everything he wanted, and all he was missing was a Santa suit.

Giving back to veterans, Mr. Kamin tells us, remains a strong motivator in his daily life, as well as for the holiday season. He says, “You know, I think it’s very…very tough when you see these commercials of these children in these third world countries and impoverished places. But we have so much of that in our own backyard. So Bentley and I and my other two sons, we really have drilled down on this area. Now we are just really focusing on trying to find that military family. Give us a name.”

So if you know of a family in need of a blessing this Christmas, nominate them for a house full of furniture and more from Kamin Furniture and their partners in this program.