Justin Marr sworn in as new Victoria County Sheriff

VICTORIA, Texas- The swearing in of Sheriff-Elect Justin Marr took place Monday afternoon at DeLeon Plaza. Local leaders welcomed Marr to his new position, filling in a seat empty since February.

Applause followed the official swearing in, of Justin Marr by county judge, Ben Zeller.

“I’m just excited to get things in place, none of that is going to happen over night, at least I know that we’re working towards that,” says Marr.

About 200 people gathered at DeLeon plaza, including local elected officials and several sheriff deputies to support their new leader.

“There’s some challenges that our law enforcement folks are facing. But I’ll tell you this, it’s in these times that his leadership and his experience will be the most important and the most valuable,” said Zeller.

Victoria County Commissioners voted Monday morning to swear in Marr and fill in the vacancy for the remaining term that ends December 31, 2020.

The run-off election was led by Marr with 66.5% of the votes.

“[I’m] extremely grateful to the community, the supporters. They had a loud voice in this election, and they definitely spoke. I’m honored about that, and that they want me to lead this office and the community forward,” said Marr.