Jury finds Marq Pérez guilty on all charges


Marq Perez was just found guilty on all three charges. Perez’s family stared blankly as the verdict was read. Judge Rainey says he will review everything before sentencing Perez, sentencing is set for October 2nd at 2:30pm.

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Day six of the Marq Perez trial began with the closing statements. Sharad Khandelwal, the prosecutor from the U.S. Attorney’s office, showed a video of the mosque fire claiming Perez burned a place of worship because he wanted to terrorize the local Muslim community.
Khandelwal went on to show that messages between Perez and KR prove Perez hated Muslims. In one message Perez says “if it’s rebuilt, it’ll be again,” the prosecution believes this was a promise that he would burn down the mosque again if it was rebuilt.

Defense attorney Mark Di Carlo began his closing statements be claiming the prosecution cherry-picked witnesses and evidence in order to build a case against Perez.
Di Carlo questioned the credibility of prosecution’s witness – KR – who Di Carlo called “…a drug dealer, arms dealer, gang member…” Di CCarlo went on the say, the prosecutions case was built on the word of KR, who Di Carlo believes was coached by his father and the prosecution.

The defense believes there is no evidence linking Perez to the fire and KR is to blame for the mosque fire.

The prosecution left the jury with this last statement you can believe what you want but you can’t take violent actions that’s why Perez is charged with this crime.