June Military Hero

Meet Marine Veteran Rodger Macias.

VICTORIA, Texas – Rodger Macias is your Military Hero for the month of June. Macias is a Cuero native, graduating from Cuero High School in 1968, not long after he joined the United States Marine Corps.

“Duty called for the Maine Corps,” says Macias.

Macias would make it through the Marine boot camp, something that really tested all of them, however, the comradery is what helped get Macias through it, he recalls one of his fellow Marines who made it through with them.

“When we first started, we used to say that guy ain’t gonna make it. Well, he lost weight and pure determination. He graduated. So, you know, it was people like that, that you know, we motivated each other,” says Macias.

And boot camp isn’t something he’d do again.

“I say that also, but then our I also add, I’d be honored to do it again, except for one thing. And people said, Well, what’s that? I said I don’t want to go to Marine boot camp again. No, sir. No way. Knowing what I know. No, no,” says Macias.

Then it was time for Macias and the others to head to Vietnam to fight in the War.

“Sure enough, they sent me to Vietnam,” says Macias.

He was advised to not make friends, something that’s hard to avoid when those in the service become like family.

“When we were going to boot to Vietnam, they say don’t make any friends because you’re gonna lose them. Well, you couldn’t help but make friends, you know, but that’s what kept you going,” says Macias.

Macias would be assigned as a cook, and with no prior cooking experience, Macias had to learn all the recipes.

“I was told I was going to be a cook. I said a cook? And I was embarrassed to call my wife and let her know that I was gonna be a cook. But I had to call her, and she was happy. She should because you ain’t gonna be fighting you gonna be, I never thought about it that way,” says Macias.

He also went to Military Cook school which prepared him.

“I became a cook. The only thing I cook before the military with eggs and bacon, that’s all I could cook, and put tortillas on the comal. But no and then became cook went to cook school. And that was a quick class on cooking because they were ready to send you to Vietnam,” says Macias.

After Vietnam Macias would work his way up in the ranks and spend his military career all over the world, working on various bases all over, from Japan, San Diego, and much of the east coast.

“I went to Oregon, I went to Boston, I mean, all over the country that I couldn’t have as in the enlisted side,” says Macias.

He would be in charge of entire bases being the primary cook achieving high ranking military status, becoming a Warrant Officer and a CW05 rank. He also was on active duty for Desert Storm. He would spend 29 years as an active-duty Marine and retired in 1998.

His daughter lives in Hawaii so Macias considers Hawaii a second home.

“I’ve been back almost 11 times to visit her but mostly to go back to Hawaii. So, it worked out good that she stayed there. I love Hawaii,” says Macias.

He also loves his grandkids and his Astro’s, visiting Houston to take them to some games.

“I’m a diehard Astro fan people know me. They know I’m an Astro fan,” says Macias.

He’s also the Quartermaster at the VFW here in Victoria, helping out local veterans.

“Take advantage of our venue, you’re there, you know, to the community, you are helping us pay our bills, you helping us keep our doors open for the veterans, because that’s the main purpose of the VFW really, to, to meet the needs of our veterans,” says Macias.

And don’t forget every Wednesday you can support the VFW by attending their Burger Night, Macias adding it’s hard to forget since it’s on hump day.

So, he loves his community, his fellow Veterans, and Marines, Rodger Macias is thankful for what the Marines has done for him.

“So, yeah, the Marine Corps as you can see, I’m very and I’m very honored to be in the Marines as I told you earlier. I’m a better person now. And it has it has done me well,” says Macias.

Happy Fourth of July.