High school students can shadow a business for a day

Crossroads area businesses listen up! What to better educate the workforce of tomorrow? Here is your chance thanks to the upcoming job shadowing day.


VICTORIA, Texas- Join the Victoria Business and Education Coalition, in allowing a 11th or 12th grade Victoria student to shadow your business for a day, in order for them to see how a business operates and how to get along with others in the workplace. This years job shadowing day is scheduled for Friday, February 28th. Kathy Hunt, Executive Director of the VBEC, says that this program helps students build solid work skills now and for the future.

“We just that the student can actually see what is available in our community as far as jobs, and also that it would inspire them with their studies, and also inspire them to look forward to after their high school careers,” said Hunt.

If your company would like to allow a student to shadow their operations for a day, contact Kathy Hunt with the Victoria Business and Education Coalition at 361-550-6552 or email Ms. Hunt at khunt@vbectx.org.