JJ Gives Back

“He asked me mom do they sleep on the cold hard ground and I said yes baby they do,” Claire Santellana said.

Claire Santellana says that one moment is all it took for her little boy who is fighting a battle of his own to help someone else in need. She says JJ wanted to give the homeless person he saw on the streets of Houston his pillow, but decided they would need a lot more to help, so they asked the community to come out and support JJ and the homeless.

“JJ is a giving person thinking of others without giving it a second thought it’s just natural for him,” Castillo said.

September is Childhood Cancer Awareness month, so as JJ continues his second fight against cancer his mother says she would like to see this month turn into childhood cancer action month to help end the diseases that affect her little boy and countless others.

“A lot of the chemo therapy and medicines that the children receive are actually from adult cancers not tailored directly for the childhood cancer,” Santellana said.

JJ will find out in October if his cancer is gone but, that doesn’t stop him from playing with cars or pretending to be a super her so as he sees the community come together to help him do good he has one things to say…thank you.

If you would like to donate to help JJ Santellana and his family follow this link: