JJ Celebrates his 5th Birthday with Chemo Treatments Looming

“I thought we were going to be home by the time his birthday came and Christmas so I’m kind of shocked we are going to have to spend the holidays in the hospital,” Santellana said.

This year JJ’s 5th birthday will bring happiness and nerves for Claire Santellana who will watch her little boy undergo his toughest cycle of chemo next week after a tumor was removed from his lung that was still 40% active, but Claire says her son is tough.

“I’m really proud of him because he’s only five and he’s been through so much and he’s so happy and he loves life,” Santellana said.

This 5k run was organized by JJ’s Tia and family members who wanted to wish JJ a happy birthday and show him love before 3 cycles of chemo that could cause kidney damage. One of the runners says the cold and the sweat was well worth it.

“Seeing the smiles on the kids’ faces any donations that anybody could make toward helping the kid it warms my heart,” Boyd said.

With his family and friends gathered around him dressed in their best super hero gear JJ was looking forward to making a birthday wish.

“I love my birthday cake,” JJ said.

You can contact the Santellana family by mail at PO Box 329, Katy, TX 77492