Jesse Garza has been released from jail

Former constable accused of sexual assault released early.

VICTORIA, Texas—Former Constable Jesse Garza was sentenced to a year in jail for official Oppression of a Bloomington woman back in June 2019. Late Monday night Garza was released for good behavior, four months early. Now the Victoria County Sheriffs Office is responding to this case.

Victoria Chief Deputy Roy Boyd said, “We’ve had phone calls of people asking why Mr. Garza has been released from jail speculating that maybe we are overcrowded or it was something internal at the Sheriff’s Office, that’s not the case. If we were overcrowded and we had to release some people, with the work of the Judicial Branch, Mr. Garza would not be the person we recommend to be released.”

Jesse Garza stood trial in June 2019 after being accused of abusing his power to coerce a Bloomington teen to have sex with him in 2017. You can read our previous reporting on this trial here.

Although Garza has been released he’s still indicted on another eight counts and three out of the eight are sexual assaults. You can read about this indictment here.