JCSO Smuggling Case on HWY 59

Jackson County Sheriff’s Office has seen an increase of human smuggling cases in the crossroads- Newscenter 25’s Griselda Perez has the details.

This issue is not new to the area, but Jackson County Sheriff A.J Louderback says it an increasing one that needs more attention.

A routine traffic stop by a DPS trooper led to the arrest of two human smuggling suspects- trafficking two victims right outside of Edna city limits.

“What we’re seeing here is a lot of money, it was quite a bit of money to be trafficked into Houston to unknown whereabouts” says Louderback.

Edith Lucio one of the suspects charged with smuggling being held at Jackson County Jail with a $10,000 set bail.

Nancy Melendez is also charged with smuggling with a $10,000 bail and is detained in Jackson County Jail.

Both women remain in custody.

“We see all too many of these cases- and quite frankly we have a problem that is much larger than anyone is talking about” adds Louderback.

U.S Highway 59 is a commonly used route to bigger cities like Houston, a place Louderback says is a destination for many human smugglers.

“All along 59 and other areas of the state, and so we’re just scratching the first page of human trafficking in our state and across the nation.” he adds.

Sheriff Louderback adds that both suspects were charged by the state- but this case could lead to federal charges which may carry heavier penalties.